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We have been installing Clear View Retractable Screen Doors for 10 years in Orange County and have never had a good reason to switch to another retractable screen door brand.  We expect Clear View Retractable Screen Doors to last for well over 10 years due to the quality.  When you compare the product, our company and our installation experience, South County is the best value on the market.  

Yelp Review

Fred and Marian E.

Santa Ana

I give a 5 "good as it gets" for South County Window Coverings and Retractable Screens. 
I requested 'on-line' for a quote for a double retractable screen, received a call back from Steen the following day, and scheduled a visit the day after. No price haggling with Steen, but after seeing his product I believe it is the best quality out there, including a lifetime warranty (except if your kid or dog busts through the screen!!!). Scheduled installation for today and Steen here at 9:00am sharp, very professional installation and super happy with end result.


Yelp Review

Michael C.


I was looking for a retractable screen door for the interior of French doors opening to the backyard.  After some research and getting cost estimates, I decided to go with the Clearview Retractable Screen Doors from South County Window Coverings.  Steen, the owner, came to my home at the scheduled time, answered my questions, and did the measurements.   I placed the order (no deposit), with installation scheduled for a week later.   Steen came a week later and installed the screen door in a little over an hour.  There was a minor adjustment issue that Steen returned to correct a couple of days later.   I was very happy with the screen door that I ordered and had Steen install a second one.   I recommend South County and Steen without reservation.


Yelp Review

Jason T.

Ladera Ranch

We live in Covenant Hills in Ladera Ranch and just recently had Steen at South County Window Coverings install some retractable screen doors.  From the start, we found Steen to be both very knowledgable and helpful, not only of his products but also in some of the common pitfalls existing in the marketplace.  Having spoken with some of our neighbors that had retractable screen doors, we knew what we did and didn't want going into the process.  Most notably was a product that didn't slam shut.  Having young kids, we wanted to ensure we didn't end up having a safety incident.  We researched Home Depot and several other local options but I will tell you. . . hands down Steen and South County Window Coverings have the absolute best product on the market.  The "Clear View Retractable Screen Door" had all of the features we desired including the slow closing/glide mechanism.  Last but not least, we very much appreciated the level of communication provided by Steen.  I find this a very hard quality to find in contractors today and his over communication was very much appreciated.  I would highly recommend South County Window Coverings and the Clear View Retractable Screen Door.


5 IMPORTANT POINTS as to why Clear View is superior to other retractable screen door brands

Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer - #1 Difference due to Clear View has a USA Patent on this internal part

Clear View Retractable Screen Door is the only screen door on the market with a patended speed reducer that allows the front bar to retract at a safe speed without accelerating - See Video below.

Architectial Powder Coating - No other brand has this quality of powder coating

Clear View has the best powder coating in the retractable screen door industry. Powder coating is very important because this is what the top and bottom end fittings run on back and forth every time you use the screen door. Further, our sill adaptors are what you walk on every time you walk through the door and that also has the best powder coating in the industry. 

Nylon end fittings on front pull bar

We use Nylon instead of plastic which many other retractable screen doors use.  Nylon is far superior to hold up against sun exposure and wear and tear.

Aluminum plate that fully encloses screen material on roller tube

Other brands leave the screen material and roller tube fully exposed which allows the screen material to come out of the track during retraction. Our aluminum plate helps guide the screen material back in the housing unit so it stays aligned properly on the roller tube. In addition, the aluminum plate also improves the aesthetics of the screen door so you will never see the roller tube exposed. 

Durable Heat Welded Screen Material

Heat welding on screen material has been around for over 20 years and has a proven track record of strength. Other companies sew the screen material which can come apart prematurely. 

Properly installed rails so screen will not fray

Most companies do not install the rails correctly so fraying of the screen material will not occur. Since we have installed thousands of retractable screen doors, we know that the rails must touch the housing unit so the screen material will have the longest life possible. 


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