Aliso Viejo, CA

We recently moved into a new home and needed window coverings on every window in the house ASAP.  After researching multiple companies and coming across South County Window Coverings, I knew I had found the company to use.  Fortunately for us, we had used Steen and his company for a Clearview Retractable Screen Door in our previous home, so we knew we were in good hands.  To start, prior to our first consultation Steen asked what we were interested in and made sure to have the appropriate materials.  Never once did we feel pressur to use him or his services and his prices were just as good, if not better, than some of his competitors.  With this home, we decided to install Hunter Douglas roman shades with a blackout shade behind it in our kitchen.  They are beautiful and the craftsmanship shows in the product.  Then, we installed wood blinds again in our kitchen and laundry room - beautiful and exactly what we were looking for.  For our next project, we had Steen and his awesome helper George install AMAZING plantation wood shutters throughout our entire upstairs and in our guest bedroom (approx.15 total).  To top it off, we had Steen install Clearview Retractable Screen Doors on three of our entry doors, one single and two French doors.  Steen's work is top notch!  This is by far the best investment we have made since moving into our home.  After all of Steen's work, our home value went up easily $50K and we paid only a fraction of that cost!  We have been so impressed with Steen's promptness, his willing to work with pricing, his attention to detail, his employee(s) and lastly his personality.  I always compare good customer service to Nordstrom - and let me tell you - Steen is the "Nordstrom" of window, shade and door coverings!

Valerie D.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

We had Hunter Douglas blinds installed on 8 windows as well as a Clear View Retractable Screen Door.  We could not be happier.  Steen and his crew did a wonderful job and worked with our budget and our time frame.  I work very close to home and I was able to get the crew started, head to the office and the crew called when they were about 30 minutes from being done.  Meant I didn't have any lost time at the office.  Great customer service!  I didn't even know that the blinds had matching crown moldings - give such a finished look.  We use our screen door every day and love the cross ventilation it provides.

Love using local, family-owned businesses and this is a great one.

Brian S.
Costa Mesa, CA
Steen is great!  We've used South County Window Coverings in our house in Ladera Ranch, and now in San Juan Capistrano.  Steen installed retractable screen doors and woven shades for us.  He s polite, professional, and friendly.  When we needed repairs (kids pulling the pull cords too hard), Steen was there promptly to help.  
It's nice to know that we can count on South County Window Coverings.
Kathleen T.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
We have had retractable screen doors for about 8 years.  We've loved the idea of them, but have never been completely happy with how they worked.  Finally, we decided to research and upgrade our screen doors this last summer.  We are wondering what took us so long!  The Clearview Retractable Screen Doors are so much better than what we had.  The tracks are flush with the doorstep, they roll so smoothly and clear our sliding door handle.  And the screen is truly clear, which makes it so nice to enjoy our view.  The installation was quick and easy with next to no mess.  I have nothing but praise for everything about this company, product and service.
Mike W.
Aliso Viejo, CA
We installed retractable screen doors on 2 doors in our house about 6 months ago and we couldn't be more pleased with the functionality and quality of the product.  They provide Clear View Retractable Screen Doors.  Clear View is the ONLY screen door on the market that has a Patented Safe Glide™ Speed Reducer so the front bar retracts slowly!  We love these doors.  His pricing was middle of road of the 4 contractors I called, but the owner, Steen Lundblad, actually did the work as good as anyone could have done and he takes pride in doing it right.  Personally, my preference to have the owner do the job as he has a lot more at stake than a paid employee.  He was easy to contact and responsive to his voice mails.
Jason T.
Ladera Ranch, CA
We live in Covenant Hills in Ladera Ranch and just recently had Steen at South County Window Coverings install some retractable screen doors.  From the start, we found Steen to be both very knowledgable and helpful, not only of his products but also in some of the common pitfalls existing in the marketplace.  Having spoken with some of our neighbors that had retractable screen doors, we knew what we did and didn't want going into the process.  Most notably was a product that didn't slam shut.  Having young kids, we wanted to ensure we didn't end up having a safety incident.  We researched Home Depot and several other local options but I will tell you. . . hands down Steen and South County Window Coverings have the absolute best product on the market.  The "Clear View Retractable Screen Door" had all of the features we desired including the slow closing/glide mechanism.  Last but not least, we very much appreciated the level of communication provided by Steen.  I find this a very hard quality to find in contractors today and his over communication was very much appreciated.  I would highly recommend South County Window Coverings and the Clear View Retractable Screen Door.
Rod P.
Irvine, CA
Steen at South County Window Coverings installed  Clear View Retractable screens on all of our French doors in May 2008.  To date and considering the daily usage these screens have performed flawlessly.  The screens when closed are almost invisble leaving the design of the doors in tact.  Because of the size of the doors Steen was able to use one screen instead of a split screen which his competitors couldn't do.  These doors are (my opinion) the best when compared to the other products on the market and are less expensive than the others.  This said I will continue to refer SCWC becausse of their professional service, promptness, courtesy, product knowledge and quality of their products.  An example of their service; today I noticed that one of the screens was not retracting properly after 12+ years so I called SCWC.  Within an hour I received a return call from Steen.  After explaining the problem Steen who was in the area said he could come by today.  The problem was a quick fix by readjusting the level of the tract.  He also checked the other screens, sprayed silicone on the tracts and said we were good to go.  I had my  check book in hand and Steen said no charge!  as he was in the area. This is  over and above in  customer service. I was again reminded why I chose SCWC over anyone else.  This is an excellent company who will  do everything within reason to keep their customers happy and coming back.  
Christa S.
Mission Viejo, CA
We installed  huge, custom, double slider plantation shutters in our playroom this year and we are so happy with the quality and appearance. We had spent years trying to figure out what the best look would be since the windows were so large and such an awkward shape. The plantation shutters literally transformed the room. Steen, the owner, was a pleasure to work with. He was always on time and extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We cannot wait to start getting shutters installed on the rest of our windows! We highly recommend South County Window Coverings.